Happy Holi Wishes In Punjabi Gujarati 2023 – Top 20

Happy Holi wishes in Punjabi and Gujarati 2023: We are back Guys The wait is over latest happy Holi Sms Messages in Punjabi Gujarati Is here. First of all Happy Holi in advance to all of you. Holi is one of the most famous and important festivals that every Hindu looks forward to. Happy Holi 2021 in English-text msgs Blue is sky Yellow is music Green is dance Pink is beauty White is for peace I wish all these colors fulfill. The biggest festival of all time and we hope that you will keep on enjoying all the new stuff we bring you according to you people whenever you need it exclusive photos and pics from the festival of colors also know as holi, This is the best time of the year when people like to pour colors and water balloons on other people to show their lover to them. Holi is an important festival to Hindus.

It is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month at the end of feb or in the begging of march. Peoples made sweets and namkeens on that days and celebrates this festival with neighbors, friends and with family also. Don’t Forget to share this with your friends on  Whatsapp, Hike, BBM, Line and other social networking sites also. Holi Sms 2023


Happy Holi Sms Messages In Punjabi

Check out the Happy Holi wishes in Punjabi and Gujarati 2023 below:

Ranga naalo rahe rangeen jindagi tuhadi
Rangde raho eh bandagi ha sadi
Kadi na pijje pyar di holi
hove aisi happy holi….
Saade Rang Nu Kaccha Na Samjhi
Ae Pakka Ae Saade Pyaar Waangu
Kaalje Naal Lake Rakhna Tennu Mittra Ne
Rakhda Ae Jiven Jatt Hathiyaar Wangu
Mosam shabab da,
Nasha sharab da,
kurta janab da
rang gulal da
holi ch dekhna ki haal karange aap da
Happy holi 2023….
Kudi De Mast Mast Gulaabi Gaal
Kudi Di Behki Behki Chaal
Mundeya Da Mood Ajj Ban Jau
Je Khele Holi Saade Naal!
Happy Holi Yaaron !!
Tyohar eh rang da
tyohaar eh bhang da
Masti ch mast ho jao ajj
Holi aayi hai ajj
holi ch dugna maja
yaar de sang da
par dekho mera yaar kinna hai sangda !!
Holi Mubarakaan !!

Happy Holi Sms Wishes Messages In Gujarati

Check out the Happy Holi wishes in Punjabi and Gujarati 2023:

Holi Milan Ne Melo Chhae Ae
Rang Paan Ketlo Albello Chhae Ae
Rang Mei Je Rangaai Chae Te
Jeewan Naa Badhaa Dard Dulh Bhulaayi Jey

Dil ma dhadkan che Dhadkan maati
tame base chho tamare saathi hamri
zindagi chhe aao maari maate rang
bhari ne jaao aao baddha milne holi manava ni chhe

Lagni no bhino vahevar moklu 6u,
Rango no aakho tahevar moklu 6u,
Sneh thi kheljo holi snehi jano sathe,
Colour sarikho aa prem moklu 6u

Tara Mukhda Thee Maari Raat Ujyaari
Thay Chhe Chaand Pan Tare Saame Joyee Ne
Sharmaaye Chhe Tu Jyare Malkhaye Chhe Tou
Mari Jaan Jaaye Chhe Tu Nathi Janti Baku,
Tu Mane Ketli Tadfaaye Chhe

Zindagi Malvi Ae Naseeb Ni
Vaat Che Maut Malvu Ae Samay Ni
Vaat Che Pan Maut Pachi Pan Koi Na
Dil Ma Jivta Rehvu Ae Zindagi Ma Karela Karm Ni Vaat Che

Conversation between two friends about Holi

Sure, here’s an example conversation between two friends about Holi:

Friend 1: Hey, are you excited for Holi next week?

Friend 2: Absolutely! Holi is one of my favorite festivals.

Friend 1: Me too. I can’t wait to play with colors and have some fun.

Friend 2: Same here. What are your plans for Holi?

Friend 1: I’m thinking of attending a Holi party at my friend’s place. How about you?

Friend 2: I’m planning to celebrate with my family. We usually have a big gathering and play with colors all day long.

Friend 1: That sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have any special dishes that you make for Holi?

Friend 2: Yes, we usually make a traditional sweet dish called gujiya, which is a must-have for Holi. And of course, we have thandai, a refreshing drink made with milk, nuts, and spices.

Friend 1: I’ve never tried gujiya before, but it sounds delicious. I might have to come over to your place to try some.

Friend 2: Of course, you’re welcome anytime! What about colors? Do you have any favorites?

Friend 1: I love all the bright colors, but I think pink and green are my favorites. What about you?

Friend 2: I like yellow and red. They’re the classic Holi colors.

Friend 1: Yeah, those are great too. I’m so excited for Holi. It’s going to be so much fun.

Friend 2: I know, right? Happy Holi in advance!

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