Latest Happy Holi 2021 Activities Ideas For Kids Adults

Latest Happy Holi 2021 Activities Ideas For Kids Adults: Here we are providing you the latest Happy Holi 2021 Activities Ideas For Kids Adults celebration preparation and many more. Holi is a great festival of our India and now this festival is also celebrated in other countries like in Sydney, Canada, England, and other countries. This is the most popular Hindu Festival which is celebrated at the beginning of the year. This festival is powerfully celebrated in Mathura Vrindavan on that day, all of the peoples are celebrate this festival like the biggest festival. On That Day, peoples celebrate this festival with colors and this festival also named as a festival of colors. You may share this article with your friends and family on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc etc and wish everybody a happy and colorful Holi full of lots of blessings, joy, and love. Holi Fun Activities Ideas


Happy Holi Activity Ideas

Kangaroo Relay Race

Things Required

Water filled Balloons as per the number of participants
How To Play

Mark a starting line and a finishing line.
Give one water filled balloon to every player.
As the time starts, players have to keep the balloons between their knees, and run towards the finishing line like kangaroo.
On reaching the finishing line, the player has to pop the water-filled balloon with their hands and say ‘Happy Holi’
In case the balloon falls in between, the player can either start it from the starting line or he should be considered OUT.

The player who finishes the kangaroo race at the earliest wins.


Family Holi

Things Required

Plastic jugs and cups
Buckets filled with water
How To Play

Mark a starting and finishing line say 12 feet apart.
Let the parents sit on the floor at the finishing line.
Give one plastic jug to them which they have to keep it on their head.
All the children will stand at the starting line with a plastic cup and a bucket of water.
As the time starts, the children have to fill their cup with water and run towards their parents, pour the water into the jug kept on their head.
Then they have to go back and bring the water again until the time is over.
The time limit is two minutes.

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The Family who is able to collect maximum water in the jug wins!!

Holi Activities For Kids

Pass The Leaking Balloon

Things Required

Balloons filled with water.
How To Play

Let all the players stand in a circle
Give one water-filled balloon by making a small hole with the help of a pin, to anyone player
As the time starts, players have to toss the leaking balloon to each other
The player who winds up catching the balloon when it is completely empty is considered to be ‘out’
Continue the same process till the last player remains.

The player who remains till the last wins.


Balloon Battle

Things Required

Water-filled balloons
Two plastic bags
How To Play

Divide the players into two teams at least 20-25 people per team.
Give each team a tub full of water balloons
As the time starts, players try to hit the member of the other team with water balloons for one minute.
If a player is hit with a water balloon, he/she is considered out.
Time limit is one minute.

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The team which has got maximum players not out is the winner.

Holi Office Party Games Ideas Tips

Balloon Messages – Party Game

Things Required

Blow the balloons with some action messages inside for eg. bark like a dog, pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, name 10 flavors of ice cream, stand on your leg for one minute, show your best dance move, mimic like any Bollywood actor/actress, etc.
Make sure balloons are inflated with the right amount of air in the balloon.
How To Play

Let all the players sit in a circle.
As the game starts, a balloon is passed around the circle.
Each player has to sit on the balloon with all the weight for 5 seconds.
If it gets burst, they have to do what is written on the message, otherwise, the balloon can be passed on to the next player.

The player who remains till the last wins!!


Following things, you can try in your office –

  • Ask everyone to wear a Bright colored Dress- Red, yellow, Navy blue, etc. This will make the office Colourful…
  • You can keep a plate full of colors which people can use only to put Tilak( Mark on Forehead or Face) you can decorate the office by using a colored paper cut in the shape of hands. and write some slogans.. encouraging Teamwork.. n Holi spirit.
  • You can play guess the title game if you can prepare Titles for everyone in your office
  • You can Ask the bosses of a different department to do a small.. catwalk kin of thing and ask the audience(Office members) to judge who is best
  • You can also play Holi with Flower petals..which would solve the problem of damaging the office.


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